Every Major Lady Gaga Album, Ranked


Photos courtesy of Interscope Records

Lady Gaga needs no introduction. She is, after all, the real deal: the over-the-top pop star our generation was waiting for back in 2008, who would go on to shake the industry with a disco stick. Now, five albums (and one extraordinary EP) later, she's back on top with Joanne. The country-pop bop of an album is going to take time for its influence to sink in, but as we saw with "Just Dance," the influence will come.

How, though, does Joanne stack up to Lady Gaga's other musical projects? It's the second time she's veered away from the traditional pop productions that shot her to ridiculous success, but something about the entire Joanne mystique puts it in the same lane as her previous electronic efforts. Read on for our not-so-scientific ranking of Lady Gaga albums, albums that will never not have us dancing in circles. 

Photo courtesy of Interscope Records

6. Cheek To Cheek
Cheek To Cheek is Lady Gaga's vanity project, something she needed to get out of her system before throwing herself into the next phase of her career. Having just come off the convoluted ARTPOP era, Gaga decided it was high time she did a proper "fuck it" and deliver an album no one expected, but one she needed to make for herself. She's always been vocal about her love of jazz and her 2011 duet with Tony Bennett fostered such a strong friendship between the pair that an album of jazz standards was unavoidable. It's a fine LP, really, and it even scored her another Grammy. It is the outlier simply because it leans so far away from her pop tendencies that it doesn't hold a candle to everything before and after it. 

Best Songs: "It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)," "Anything Goes."