10 Gifts Lady Gaga Probably Wants For Christmas


Rum pum pum pum

Christmas for Lady Gaga used to consist of cunnilingus as told through Christmas tree metaphors, and being lit up and placed "on top." (Wink! Wink, Little Monsters!) That, however, was 2008 Lady Gaga. 2016 is the year Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta put the Lady in Lady Gaga. Her fifth studio album, Joanne, marked a shift in the pop star's sound with its country-pop-rock fusion and hints of twang. The zany individual who turned street paparazzi shots into editorials grew into a woman who's more sure of herself than ever. That should be enough of a gift for anyone, but desire is one of life's true constants.

What would a Lady who has everything—and the means to certainly buy anything—want? She already owns three pairs Alexander McQueen armadillo heels and a hefty portion of Michael Jackson's fashion archive. She sings of wanting world peace on "Come To Mama," but that isn't really something you can just, like, wrap up and give. (What a nice idea, though.) Perhaps the key to is keeping it simple... in Lady Gaga terms, that is. Here are a few possible ideas. Paws up for Christmas cheer.

Marc Jacobs, Georgia Studded Cowboy Boot, $550.00, available at Marc Jacobs.

Lady Gaga loves Marc Jacobs. Lady Gaga also loves herself some quasi-Western looks and these boots have it all for the upscale New Yorker living their sentient Westworld escape fantasy. Tap down those boots, indeed, girl.