the essentials: lana del rey

photo by getty images

what you need to dress like our november cover star!

There's no denying that Lana Del Rey has all the makings of a style icon. Since bursting onto the pop culture scene in 2011 with her track "Video Games," Del Rey has popularized countless fashion trends like the flower crown, the Yankees hat (OK, she shares that one with Jay Z), and the resurgence of the fit and flare dress. Adopting her self proclaimed "gangsta Nancy Sinatra" aesthetic is just the ticket to making your wardrobe go from meh to mahvelous!

And what better reason to cop Del Rey's killer style than her turn as our November issue cover star. While you can get pieces inspired by her cover outfit, like a ring, bracelet, and necklace, all online, we broke down the ultimate Lana Del Rey fashion must haves for everyone who wants to feel electric tonight--and tomorrow too! 

Check out the essential items you need to get a Del Rey-inspired look in the gallery while blasting "Blue Jeans" from your speakers. 

The Essential: A Black Crop Top