These Diamond-Dusted Tweezers Have A 150K Waiting List

Photos courtesy of LaTweez

Luxury brow care at its finest

Your tweezing experience is about to get way more luxe. On August 6, illuminating tweezer brand LaTweez is launching its Ombre + Diamond Dust Tweezer Collection, created with—you guessed it—diamonds.

While this may sound like a made-for-Paris Hilton beauty product, these lavish new tools have a serious function. The tweezer tips are covered in diamond dust, making it much easier to grip and grab even the peskiest of hairs. And on top of the sunset-inspired ombré color selection and Swarovski crystal on-off switch? You’ll find a bright LED light that makes finding any strays a breeze.

It’s really no wonder that these soon-to-be-released tweezers have garnered a 150K product waiting list. They retail for $38 a pop and come with a compact carrying case with a built-in magnifying mirror, making it even easier to pluck on the go.

You can reserve your spot on the waitlist by pre-ordering your favorite now at LaTweez.