Let Lauren Ruth Ward Take You Around Austin In Her SXSW Tour Diary

Photo by Tess O'Connor

One hell of a good time

Though remarkably more commercial than ever before, South By Southwest has retained its spirit thanks to the music portion of the conference, which still pulls in artists from across the world, both new and established, for a few days of live shows and a hell of a lot of discovery.

Lauren Ruth Ward is one of those artists making the festival sing. Hot off the heels of her debut album, Well, Hell, she and her band took Austin by storm. Something about their free-spirited vibe just feels right at home in the city's DIY atmosphere. Here, Ward takes us inside that whirlwind world. Even in between all the madness of press and showcases, the crew managed to keep those creative juices flowing with a jam session. It's probably too much to ask for new material just yet, but who knows! Ward and her band are true artists, bent on honest work shared in an honest way.

Photo by Tess O'Connor

After we picked up our passes at the Austin Convention Center, we had some fun in the artists' lounge.