6 LGBTQ+ Charities To Support During Pride Month


Do some good

One of the most impactful ways to support the LGBTQ+ community is to help the most vulnerable among us. With the LGBTQ+ community under active legal attack from the GOP in dozens of state legislatures and with hate crimes on the rise, actively and regularly supporting LGBTQ+ charities with your money, your time, or other resources is one of the most powerful ways you can demonstrate allyship and help us fight back.

Here are six charities that are seriously worth your time.

Immigration Equality
Immigration Equality is the only organization in the United States that directly advocates for and represents LGBTQ+ and HIV-positive immigrants. They provide free legal resources for their clients and have built a nationwide network of attorneys and translators who win an astonishing 98 percent of their cases. IE works with asylum seekers, detainees, LGBTQ+ immigrant and binational families and couples separated by oceans, and undocumented LGBTQ+ people living here in the United States. You can read their extensive FAQ on Trump’s executive orders here.

How You Can Help: Volunteer, especially if you are an attorney or someone who can translate (translators help during client interviews, with intake forms, and even in courtroom proceedings). In addition to individual donations, Immigration Equality also actively seeks out fundraisers.

Find Them Here: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

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