The Fiercest Street Beauty Looks From Lollapalooza 2017

Photo by Shea Flynn/Da Black Swan

Shake up your look

What's a music festival without some playful beauty? The grounds of Lollapalooza were teaming with great style and even more adventurous beauty moments. Though glitter has become the de facto accessory, seeing festival-goers play with eyeshadow and mascara was a real treat. Hey, if eyes are the windows to the soul, you might as well gussy them up for the occasion. Check out our favorite moments in our exclusive gallery, presented by Rimmel London, below.

Photo by Shea Flynn/Da Black Swan

It's difficult to make lower lash mascara look normal AND good. This Lollapalooza attendee managed to do just that while also giving us a run for our eyelash money. Come through with that curl!