M.A.C Just Released 24 New Lipstick Shades You Definitely Don’t Own

Photo Courtesy Of M.A.C cosmetics.

They were created by a tetrachromat!

If you’ve ever wondered what it was like to be a tetrachromat, Maureen Seaberg has a pretty good analogy: “It’s like living the 'What color is The Dress?' debate your entire life,” she tells us. And we all know how quickly that one piece of clothing divided friends, loved ones, and colleagues alike. Imagine dealing with that for a good chunk of your life.

Tetrachromacy is a condition that allows people to see up to 100 million more hues than the normal, everyday eye; Seaberg says it’s like seeing things a couple of clicks to the right or left of where things fall on the color spectrum. It wasn’t until three years ago, after she came across a podcast on the topic, that she discovered she even had the genetic mutation. Fast-forward to today and she’s using her gift to, well, gift M.A.C Cosmetics beauty lovers with a collection of completely new lipsticks.  

The new creamy, satin shades have a clear base, which helps grab color more than average bases. There were prototype hues in place, and the M.A.C Cosmetics team brought Seaberg on to intensify rather than alter them. She says:

It wouldn't serve the consumer if I were sitting there playing with color in a way that would skew it in a way that people couldn't really discern or enjoy it. So, we used my eyesight instead to spot these undertones and overtones and send them back to the canvas to say that a Bordeaux had too much orange... or if a pink had too much yellow in it and needed to cool off, we might remove the yellow and add blue to the mix… I was more trying to center the colors and make them as true to themselves as I possibly could.

The result: A kaleidoscope of shades you’ve never seen before. Seriously, swatch any of the products from the line next to one of M.A.C Cosmetics’ 250-plus colors and, though the undertones might come close, you’ll run out of room on your arm trying to find a match. That’s because there isn’t one. They’re completely new and, thus, completely worth checking out. Feast your eyes on all 24 of them ahead. They’re available online today for purchase. 

Photo Courtesy Of M.A.C cosmetics.

M.A.C Cosmetics Liptensity Lipstick in 'Ambrosial,' $21, available at M.A.C Cosmetics.