Your March Horoscopes Are Here

What the stars have in store for you this month

General: Only the Authentic Survive
Last month, a positively enchanting Dark (New) Moon and Solar Eclipse in Pisces kicked off the Entwined Fishes’ season of power on February 26, delivering all signs bright flashes of prophecy and a view into the future. There was one caveat, though: This energy is not suited for the lazy, for those with idle hands, or anyone who refuses to see themselves as something other than wounded birds and victims.

March is tinged with a very similar, though decidedly harsher vibe thanks to Venus retrograde, lasting from March 4 until April 15. Personal perspective is absolutely everything this month; in choosing to see an opportunity for self-reflection and self-improvement in a period of inaction and limitations, we’ve already passed Venus’ cosmic test. 

For almost the entirety of March, the planet of love, beauty, luxury, self-esteem, and money will be moving backwards in Aries, throwing a wrench in progress when it comes to working on ourselves. If you’ve been struggling with low self-esteem or defining your identity by unhealthy, off-base Venusian means, March will offer a rich banquet of opportunity to correct your mistakes and ultimately improve yourself from the inside out. A Full Moon in honest, detail-driven Virgo on March 12 will deliver the drive and stamina needed for most signs to address the blemishes and bruises on the face of our self-worth. Paradoxically, because Mars—the fiery war god associated with aggression and action—will be setting up shop in sensual, physical Taurus beginning March 9, we’ll all likely feel much more sexual and compelled to hunt after earthly pleasures of the flesh all month. 

Meanwhile as these cosmic tempests simmer and bubble underneath our surface, all signs would do well to plug away at a core goal this March. Financial, domestic, and professional goals—the ones we hold in highest regard—could see breakthroughs from a steady, determined, practical approach. Keeping the inertia to stay motivated might be challenging in a month of constant frustration, but thankfully March ends on a strong note with an intensely forceful, optimistic New Moon in Aries on the 27th. This lunation will be especially supportive to initiating endeavors relating to improving self-confidence and expressing your authentic individuality. March’s Venus retrograde will rip veils from facades—the only way you’ll make it through to the other side is by being true to yourself and your values. Even if that means diving into the deepest layers of your inner-self to extract your authenticity: The only way out is through the phoenix flames.  

Aries: Awkward Phase
Since the New Year, you Rams have been stuck in a major self-esteem slump, perhaps turning into a harsh self-critic and feeling less beautiful or worthy than usual. On March 4, Venus, planetary ruler of love, luxury, self-worth, and money, will turn retrograde in your sign until April 15. Though retrogrades tend to be mellow times of inaction, this phase will be a powerful time of revolution for beefing up your confidence.The fog of doubt finally begins to lift on your self-image through Venus’ rare retrograde phase, revealing the course of action and necessary changes that must be made to restore your authenticity. Romance is on the upswing through the month despite Venus’ slumber, yet the planetary retrograde might compel you to address some thorny issues surrounding your relationship and dating life threatening your personal independence.  

March is a strange month for you, Aries, despite it kicking off your season of power. Consider this a chrysalis period: March won’t be cushy—the growing pains might be downright uncomfortable at times—but the month’s energy is tailored to making changes that will set you up to thrive. A forceful Full Moon in industrious Virgo on March 12 delivers the perfect atmosphere for cracking down on bad habits. If you’ve wanted to recommit to a fitness regime, polish your nutritional diet, or give up smoking cigs for good, mid-month is an excellent time to tackle making your health and self-care priority. The energy at month’s end might surprise you with how vastly different it feels, thanks to a brilliant New Moon in Aries on March 27. Finally, you’ll have shed the layers of old, dead skin, revealing a shining, new you.