7 Margarita-Inspired Cocktails To Shake Up This Cinco De Mayo

    Turmeric, avocado, Earl Grey tea, oh my!

    by · May 04, 2017

    Illustrated by Jihyang Lim.

    Cinco de Mayo falls on a Friday this year, so you know what that means: You can drink recklessly without the consequence of a weekday hangover. Also, you can take the time to responsibly invite a couple of friends over for drinks or even throw a genuine Cinco de Drinko bash. (Just not a Mexican-themed one where guests are encouraged to show up as maids and construction workers. Please. You're better than that.) Either way, tequila will and should be involved.

    The go-to drink of choice for the holiday is usually, naturally, the classic margarita. And we’re not here to shit on them. Heck, we’re not here to shit on cocktails of any kind. Alcohol in any capacity is a narrative of which we would like to always be a part. We’re just saying, it doesn’t hurt, sometimes, to venture outside of the typical tequila, triple sec, and lime juice trifecta.

    Like, have you ever thought about incorporating an avocado in your cocktail? Some Earl Grey tea? Some turmeric? Yeah, we hadn't either until we polled some bartenders for some margarita-inspired recipes. You can have your classic, but consider shaking these up, also. 

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