Frost Your Lips This Winter With These 11 Metallic Lipsticks


Move over, glitter

We were all about the no-makeup makeup trend this summer. However, as fall slowly starts to change into winter, we're feeling the need to dig back into our makeup drawers and find some attention-grabbing products to adorn our no longer sun-kissed complexions. What better way to brighten a gloomy winter day than by cranking up the volume of our makeup?

That's where one of this winter's biggest trends, metallic lipsticks, comes into play. These products began trickling in last year, with brands like Too Faced and Kat Von D each releasing a few metal-looking lip colors. Now, they're all the rage, as nearly every brand has come out with a line—or at least a few shades—of shine. And, they come in basically every shade there is. 

Gold and silver? They're there, of course, but let's get more creative. What about a brown, or a magenta, or even a blue-black? The possibilities—and the uses—are endless. Metallic lipstick is so eye-catching, you can forget your eye makeup completely, or you can go all out with a matching metallic smokey eye as a complement.

This is one trend you're going to want to start perfecting. I mean, what better place to showcase your personality than on your face? We've pulled together a range of metallic lipsticks, from the basic shimmer to the bold, for every kind of makeup user. Check them out in the gallery, below.

Photo courtesy of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

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