spring’s coolest jewelry

introducing miansai

photos by suzanne darcy

Gearing up for spring often involves revamping your accessories, but it also often involves falling into the trap of overtly predictable jewelry trends. Enter Miansai, a Miami based brand on a mission to create expertly crafted and architecturally fresh pieces.

Founder and Creative Director Michael Saiger describes the brand’s aesthetic as “nautical, structural, classic, and modern." While the styling is concise, Saiger emphasizes that the attitude of the brand is not: “Miansai has a wide audience because we have a wide assortment of styles and pieces that can really appeal to a little bit of something in everyone, so its not so easy to say our girl or our guy is this way or that way. What I do know is that the Miansai wearer is interested in exploring the world and interacting with it.” Speaking to the architectural jewelry trend, Michael noted that structural pieces have always been a part of Miansai. The Screw Cuff is definitely crush-worthy (not to mention its literally like playing jewelry Jenga).

We sent resident blogger babe, Christina Zayas of Le City Kitty, to Miansai’s flagship store in Soho where East Coast account exec Daisy Blakney showed her the ropes on how to wear these artistically hand-made products. We filled the gallery with snapshots from her impromptu design sesh. Click through to see how it all went down. And be sure to shop Miansai on NYLONshop.

Inside the Miansai flagship store in Soho located at 33 Crosby Street.

Photo by Suzanne Darcy