private icon: jackie burkhart


get that ’70s wardrobe.

Cold weather is coming, and who better to turn to for a little autumn inspiration than Wisconsin's best dressed lady, Jackie Burkhart from That '70s Show?

Easily the most fashionable character on the mid-aughts comedy, Burkhart, played hysterically by Mila Kunis, was the It Girl of her small town. She was cool, well-dressed, dated all the cutest dudes, and had feathered hair that Farrah Fawcett would probably be jealous of. I plan on channeling my inner Burkhart from now until March, and not just because everyone tells me I remind them of her. (It's the only child syndrome and the nasal voice, I think.) 

But here's why you should channel your inner Burkahrt: Her faux fur bomber jackets and blue eyeshadow (that she sometimes applied to Kelso--or "Michael" as she would say), is perfect for those who want to keep looking like a girl during rain storms, blizzards, and windy days. Plus nothing will make a short girl, like Kunis and myself, look taller like some epic bell bottoms. Another reason to get groovy with Burkhart's style is that major brands, from Marc by Marc Jacobs to Topshop, are constantly re-interpreting '70s styles meaning you don't have to scour the vintage racks to get the look. 

Watch my favorite Jackie Burkhart clip of all time below, and click through to see everything you'll need to transform yourself into a '70s-meets-2000s icon. Cute boyfriend not included however.