How To Decorate Your Apartment Like A Millennial

    It’s all about the ~aesthetic~

    by · January 31, 2017

    Millennials are a fickle bunch, or so we’ve been told. Social media addicts, bad with money, anti-marriage, etc. We might be all of those things, but one thing’s for damn sure, we know how to curate. Specifically—for those no longer living in their childhood bedrooms—we’re serious about curating our living spaces. Okay, and our Instagram accounts. Whatever.

    There’s an unofficial formula that goes into fine-tuning a millennial apartment’s aesthetic. Less is usually more (except when it comes to plants, in which case more is always more), little trinkets are encouraged, as is affirmation artwork; oh, and bonus points if your living or bedroom includes exposed brick. Now, you’re really millennial-ing.

    On a serious note, there are certain items we’ve seen pop up in a lot of friends-of-a-certain-age's homes. And, that’s not a bad thing. When I was putting this story together, I noticed that I, too, own 80 percent of what's listed. We may be particular when it comes to certain things, but we’re consistent. And caring about our living space is a vital form of self-care, particularly in these stressful days.

    Click through to see the pieces that make up a true millennial’s living quarters.

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