A Guide To New York City’s Most Instagram-Friendly Spaces

25 spots for your grid

Say what you will about millennials—they are cold-blooded murderers of J.Crew and '90s mall staples, excessive consumers of environment-destroying avocados, "inventors" of the ubiquitous millennial pink, the reason why "influencer" is considered a commonplace job occupation, and proponents of $10 green juices as a cure for everything—but, for the most part, they have impeccable taste. Blame it on the posse of social media accounts they're constantly feeding with photos, video, stories, live-streams, but Generation Y is endlessly obsessed with aesthetics. In fact so much so that on a recent trip, the group I was traveling with made our bus abruptly stop on the side of a busy road to take photographs of the sun setting behind a mountain framed by a cloud of pink sky. Was it pretty? Yes, it was. Did it require stopping the bus right that second in the middle of the road? Meh.

All to say, millennials are very particular about what their favorite places to eat, drink, shop, and self-care at should look like; after all, we are also a generation who knows what it wants and when it wants it—and, in case you haven't caught on, we want it all right now. But it takes more than simply painting the walls in a subdued shade of pink in order to lure us inside. And no number of succulents, no matter how ornately arranged in a terrarium full of crystals (we love our crystals!), will convince us to dine at a restaurant that will not substitute our salad's romaine with kale (preferably massaged).

To figure out what, exactly, makes a millennial space, we looked at 25 of New York's most photo-worthy and Instagram-frequented establishments. The findings: lots of neon signs, house plants, and, yeah, pink. We don't hate it.

Photograph courtesy of Pietro Nolita.

Pietro Nolita

This all-pink Italian restaurant is THE quintessential millennial space in New York City and maybe even the world; though the Gallery at Sketch London is some tough competition. All-pink everything from the walls to the bar chairs and utensils (there's more than half-a-dozen shades of this pastel hue adorning the space)? Check. Plants in textured pots? Check. Neon outdoor sign? Check. Millennial slang? Check. Bathroom just made for selfies (designed by artist Curtis Kulig, no less)? Check, check, check. It is indeed pink AF, and we love it. The food is good, too, but that's kind of beside the point, no?