7 Movies That Got The Post-College Experience Just Right


Some ‘Get A Job’ Alternatives

The reviews for Get A Job have been flooding in, and to put it mildly, critics have been less than kind to this comedy (we use that term loosely), about a group of friends trying to make it in the world after college graduation. "Get A Job's primary problem is that it doesn't know if it wants to be a realistic look at Millennials and the current economy, or go for the cheap gag about the jive-talking pimp renting out a sleazy motel," wrote one critic. "The problem is that a movie like this - limp, lazy, generic - just doesn't cut it at a time when American indies and television offer sharp, witty, satisfyingly complex takes on the "Facebook generation," surmised another.

The truth is, filmmakers have been trying to accurately capture that nebulous time after college and before adulthood—when striking the balance between what you want to do and you should do feels impossible—for years, and with varying degrees of success. But where Get A Job fails, these seven movies succeed. Here, the essential films that got the post-college experience just right.


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Tiny Furniture

If anyone understands what it means to be a Millennial woman, it’s Lena Dunham. Consider her surprise 2010 SXSW breakout the spiritual prequel to Girls, thanks to its clever portrayal of that murky time between college and adulthood, when figuring out what you want to do with your life feels hopeless. Dunham, who also wrote and directed the micro-budget indie, pulls no punches as Aura, a me-first mouthpiece for an entire generation desperate to make their mark on the world, one YouTube view at a time.