Brands We Love: Missy Skins

Photo by Missy Skins.

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If there’s anything we lust after more, it’s clothing that effortlessly makes a statement. Missy Skins is a brand that crafts its clothes for the contemporary girl who seeks to incorporate some cheekiness into her tomboy flair. Founders Jessica Brus and Victoria Ivachoff create their pieces with an inherent understanding of comfort and quality. The label embodies the love that the designers share for leather and skins—a concept that is prominent throughout their product assortment.

ELECTRIC by Missy Skins AW15 is one of the brand’s most recent collections from the label that is, quite literally, electrifying. From versatile beanies to striking coats adorned with lightning bolts, Missy Skins knows how to please.  

The cherry on top? These pieces are now available at NYLONshop (cherries included). Flip through the colorful gallery above for a quick peek at this collection.

Photo by Missy Skins.

Missy Skins, Let it Rain, $61.00, available at NYLONShop; Missy Skins, SchoolYard Shirt, $115.00, available at MissySkins; Missy Skins, Fantasy Leather Top, $276.00, available at MissySkins.