The Modern Witch’s Guide To Home Decor

Decorate with intent

If you practice magick on the regular, consider yourself a hereditary witch, or are simply one who indulges in a good sageing when you move, chances are you've incorporated some witchy icons, amulets, or symbols into your life. Perhaps you have a lucky crystal with a permanent place in your purse, or there's a tarot deck on hand when life deals out a problem that stumps you. Whatever the case may be, for those of you in tune with your inner magick, why relegate these items to the recesses of your pockets and drawers? Your home is your sanctuary, so adorn it with items that are not only beautiful and practical, but inspiring to your inner witch.

We took a modern eye to home decor and found everything from crystal serving platters to custom prayer candles and astrological pillows to help you enrich your living quarters with intent. Why have boring old bookends when you can have a set that also infuses the pages in-between with serenity and clarity? Now that's the true intersection of fashion and function.


1. Color palettes are important. For example, golds and coppers are suitable for a home office as they attract fortune and business success, while light blue is perfect for the bedroom, enhancing peacefulness and protection.

2. When choosing a household object made out of stone, crystal, or any other magickal material, consider the function. A malachite box would be more at home in the bedroom instead of the kitchen, as it inspires sound sleep and aids with morning stiffness.

3. Select objects based on what you either want to amplify in your own life or attract into it. Want to inspire calmness for when you come home from work? Try placing an incense burner next to your favorite chair to curl up in to cleanse your space and channel away negative energy.

4. Although it's spendier, stick with real metals and stones when possible instead of imitations in order to receive their full effect. If that's not an option, try selecting home decor based on colors, symbols, or shapes instead.

5. Incorporate vessels to grow all manner of plants. Not only are herbs, flowers, and other plants useful for magickal workings, witches have a deep connection to nature and living in harmony with it.

The inverted triangle is feminine and representative of the water, healing, and purification. Popping some bright flowers into a triangular wall vase not only looks cheery—it's also the perfect way to surround yourself with symbols of the feminine, while embracing its inherent water properties. 

CB2, Trigg Large Wall Vase, $29.95, available at CB2.