How To Cut Your Hair Based On The Moon Phase

Photo by Matthew Kazarian

The best time for a trim, and the best time to chop it all off

It’s no news that the moon has a major influence on things here on earth, affecting everything from the ocean’s tides to the growing patterns of certain types of plants. And, of course, the moon has also been said to affect human beings, with some of us looking to it for spiritual guidance, even planning rituals around its different phases. Moreover, some people think that the lunar calendar even influences things like our hair by having an impact on how quickly and strong it grows.

Sure, this might just be superstition, but plenty of people still swear by it, and the Farmer’s Almanac even lists the best dates to get a haircut to increase hair growth. And, superstition or not, it kind of makes sense: The moon affects so many other elements of nature, so why not us too?

We turned to hairdresser, salon owner, and creator of Reverie hair products Garrett Markenson for his opinion on the matter. While he may not be well versed on the moon and its phases, he does think of lunar haircut planning as a new option for people looking to improve the quality of their hair. 

“Most are coming from a place where people are struggling to have their hair grow out, or struggling to have thicker hair, or maybe their hair is just fully damaged,” he says. “If you’re willing to try every product your hairdresser suggests, or even at-home remedies like coconut or olive oil, why not try aligning your hair cut with a particular phase of the moon? It can be looked at as another option or alternative to improve the overall appearance of your hair.”

With that being said, we did some research on this theory to see what the overall suggestions were for each phase of the moon, and then turned to artist, author, and moon expert extraordinaire Sarah Gottesdiener to get some of her advice. 

Click through the gallery below to read about each phase, and see the current lunar calendar here.

Photography by Matthew Kazarian
Makeup by Javier Mena
Hair by Garrett Markenson
Hair Color by Lana Burke
Models: Erika Fermina, Michaela Jane McEttrick

Photo by Matthew Kazarian

New Moon
The new moon is the phase during which the moon is positioned between the earth and the sun, signifying the beginning of a new cycle. During this time, the illuminated half of the moon faces away from the earth, making it virtually invisible in our night sky.

During this phase, it's said that the hair is weakened, and the greatest amount of hair loss occurs, therefore going for a major game-changing haircut may not be the best idea. Markenson suggests reaching for a treatment, such as Reverie’s Milk, an anti-frizz leave-in treatment, or Ever, a recovery hair oil.

However, Gottesdiener feels that this part of the moon phase is a great time to try a new thing. If you’re going to avoid a major cut, you can still try for a style that’s refreshing or even a new color. She suggests taking this time to think about your intentions for the next month, “making a point in having your hair, makeup, and accessories align with that.”