15 Perfect Gifts For Mother’s Day


For the last minute shopper

We're just one week out from Mother's Day, so it's really time to get shopping if you haven't yet. But where to begin? Mothers can be difficult to shop for, not because they're inherently picky people (though some of them are), but more because it's always hard to shop for people! Who knows what anyone wants? Plus, maybe you don't have a literal mother to shop for. Lots of people don't! And that's fine too. Mother's Day is still a good time to celebrate anyone in your life who's nurtured you, whether your mother, grandmother, sister, friend, or father. The point is, we've rounded up an assortment of wonderful gifts that are bound to make your loved one feel your love. And isn't that really the point of these holidays? Yes, it really is.

Milèo, Labyrinthe Vert, $75, available at Milèo New York.
This face oil is made with the finest of natural ingredients, including ethically farmed sandalwood, wild harvested Bulgarian rose petals, and wildcrafted Thai oud resin. The oud is the thing, though; all Milè oils use the ancient extract as a primary ingredient, thanks to its skin-regenerative properties. Though there are four different types of elixir (Monte d'Oro, Amber Fort, Maroc d'Or, Labyrinthe Vert), we're partial to the Labyrinthe Vert for its intoxicating smell (after dabbing it into your face, rub some in your hands and inhale deeply) and skin soothing properties. After just a few uses, redness will decrease, and skin will be noticeably softer and smoother. It's the perfect pampering gift for your mother, or anyone you love.