Take Us Back To MOTHERSHIP Festival

Photo by Alana Majors

We’ll be here, reminiscing

This year’s MOTHERSHIP Festival was a day-to-night event showcasing a diverse roster of musicians and panels—and every single person involved was woman-identifying. And, as described by the festival’s founder Laura Wise, attendees are told that “if you identify partially or wholly as a woman, then you are welcome.” Basically, it’s a space free of the kind of toxic masculinity that makes existing in our society hard sometimes.

The 2018 iteration of MOTHERSHIP featured panels on everything from the power of Reiki to masturbation, and there were activities like sound baths in case attendees just wanted to relax. And after a day of learning in a safe space, free of judgment, attendees got to let loose to the sounds of tons of women musicians—a rarity at festivals, where lineups mainly consist of men. 

We're missing the MOTHERSHIP vibe, but at least it was captured in photos. Swipe through, below, for some of our favorite moments from the festival.

Photo by Jenna Burke

Attendees started off their days with meditation and a sound bath.