14 Musicians On How The ‘Twin Peaks’ Soundtrack Inspired Them

Photo courtesy of New Line Cinema

“Badalamenti’s strange and truly original work gives me hope”

Just like the storytelling of Twin Peaks influenced scores of TV shows that followed it, its soundtrack had a similar effect on musicians. Composed by frequent David Lynch collaborator, Angelo Badalamenti, the score was both beautiful and menacing. The opening theme song and the unforgettable “Laura Palmer’s Theme” are classics of any genre. (Watching Badalamenti recall how he and Lynch created “Laura Palmer’s Theme” is fascinating.) Lynch, a musician in his own right, wrote the lyrics to five of the songs which were sung by Badalamenti’s friend, Julee Cruise, who became a cult figure herself after singing some of the songs on the show. With Twin Peaks returning this Sunday, and Badalamenti returning to score the new episodes, we asked 14 musicians how the haunting sounds of Twin Peaks inspired their own craft. 

Photo by Leo Garcia

Nite Jewel
"Twin Peaks was incredibly influential to Nite Jewel, aesthetically speaking, in the very beginning. On my first album, Good Evening, there were a lot of comparisons to Julee Cruise, which lead me to choose 'lounge' as my genre on MySpace. I continue to feel very much like a lounge artist, and sometimes when I perform, I close my eyes and imagine I am in that bar scene singing 'Rockin' Back Inside My Heart.'"