Your Manicure Just Got A Lot More Magical


Meet Nails Inc.’s new crystal-infused polishes

Calling all mystics and crystal enthusiasts! Thanks to Nails Inc., we can finally give ourselves that rose quartz manicure we’ve been dreaming of. The nail color giants just launched a totally magical new line of polish, the Mindful Manicure Collection.

The line introduces five ethereal new shades—three nail colors and two topcoats—that are infused with real gemstones. Not only does each new polish give you a gorgeous iridescent sheen, but they can also help you bring in some healing energy. Each shade has a specific gemstone in the formula (along with inspiring names like 'And Breathe' and 'Future’s Bright') to help send good vibes to whatever area of your life you may need a little boost in. Whether you’re looking to call in more love and friendship or relieve stress, Nails Inc. has your back (and, well, your nails).

Excuse us while we skip our next meditation session to spend some time giving ourselves the ultimate healing manicure.

You can snag each new shade at $15 a pop now at both and Click through below to learn a little more about each one.

Photo courtesy of Nails Inc.

Nails Inc., The Mindful Manicure Nail Polish in ‘And Breathe,’ $15, available at Nails Inc.

This iridescent rosy-peach is infused with tourmaline to help bring in those stress-relieving vibes and positive energy.