The Evolution Of The Red-Carpet Naked Dress

Photo by D Dipasupil/ Getty Images

19 of our favorite baring-it-all looks

Traditionally, the red carpet has been a place for celebrities to showcase the most expensive, ornate designer works. But after years and years of slinky silk gowns and draped chiffon dresses, it seems as if those very same celebrities have decided to take back the red carpet, making whatever statment they want while wearing whatever the hell they want. And while focusing on fashion—especially nearly naked fashion—may not seem the like the most "feminist" thing to do on the surface, the barely there red-carpet gown has become a huge political statement. By wearing revealing looks, female celebrities have started taking control of their bodies on their terms. And in doing so, they have begun promoting more healthy body images, showing that the female form is beautiful in any shape. 

Click through the gallery to see red-carpet history's most naked dresses. Because if popular culture in 2015 has showed us anything, it's that feminism is an ever-evolving movement, and more and more celebrities are willing to push its boundaries. And if that means more naked looks are to come, so be it. We're ready for it.

Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Jaimie Alexander at 2013's Marvel's Thor: The Dark World premiere
Red carpet-goers (and the paparazzi, and therefore the entire Internet) could see everything when Alexander turned to the side, and while it's a wonder that nobody really made a big deal about it—after all, we all know how the media likes to latch onto so-called "salacious" details—it also says a lot about how far our society has come: We don't have to fuss about a woman's nude body. Instead, we can take it for what it is and admire it.