10 nameplate necklaces for your personality

because you’re more than just a name

The nameplate is so much more than that now-iconic piece of jewelry Sarah Jessica Parker sported on Sex and the City. Sure, the ones personalized to your name might hold the same sentimentality that Carrie Bradshaw’s did (“It costs like nothing, but it’s priceless.”), but these days we define ourselves by more monikers than the ones given to us at birth. Though some of us have moved past the years of doling out superlatives to others, we still label ourselves with them in our day-to-day lives. Sassy, fierce, princess—even our zodiac signs are labels at this point, and they’re all available to wear across our chests in bright, shiny metal.

Ahead, 10 nameplate necklaces that make the old yearbook superlatives look blasé.

Vidakush, Sadgirl nameplate choker, $45, available at dollskill.com.