We Made Neko Atsume Tarot Cards

For all you witchy cat ladies

Illustrated by Liz Riccardi

There’s just something about Neko Atsume. To the untrained eye, it’s an app game for cat lovers: there’s a cartoon yard, some cartoon cats, and cartoon presents to buy for them with highly coveted cartoon fish. But to Neko Atsume evangelicals, things get deep.

The cats, some common and some rare, are completely fickle about when and where they show up. There are no rounds to win to get more fish. You just have to wait, nurture your yard, and relax.

If that’s not enough wisdom for a lifetime, behold Neko Atsume tarot. Honestly, there’s no other crew we’d want help from more to improve our spiritual lives, and each little cat fits way too perfectly into the Major Arcana.

If you need a brush-up on divination, check out our 101 here. If not, grab some frisky bits and read on...

Concept by Leila Brillson and Mikki Halpin

The Fool card represents, well, foolishness, but it can also symbolize new beginnings, spontaneity, and a free spirit. Between Billy’s big grin and his tendency to sit in a hat while wearing one, you know he’s delightfully foolish. He brings tales from the West and unlimited potential for your journey. This card's darker themes, however, are immaturity, recklessness, and blind risk-taking—so take Billy with a grain of salt.