10 Books Our Editors Won’t Shut Up About

    Because we’re all book nerds at heart

    by · March 31, 2016

    Though we’re all pretty much self-proclaimed book nerds around these parts, sitting down to read a novel after spending ten or twelve hours editing and writing articles isn’t always our go-to. After all, there’s only so much our eyeballs can take before they start to bleed. So when we spend our free time reading by choice, we’re pretty selective. And when we love a book, we love love it. Like, we want to marry it. We won’t shut up about it.

    So, in addition to yelling at one another wait, you haven’t you read So Sad Today yet?! we thought we’d compile all of our newest obsessions here, and tell you all about them. Click through for the books currently our nightstands and forever our hearts. 

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