13 Great New Books To Read This August


Read something, why don’t you

Sure, August is a doom-filled month, a time when we realize that summer is ending and we're all going to die one day. But, I don't know, I still like it! However, if doom is not your thing, maybe read a book to distract yourself? Here are some of the best books to do just that this month.

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Perennial by Kelly Forsythe (available August 7)
This incredible, lyrical, profoundly moving book of poems revolves around the Columbine High School massacre, and delineates the experience of living before and after such extreme tragedy. Forsythe brings a sensitivity to this topic, but that doesn't prevent her from addressing its most brutal elements; she pays attention to the smallest things, like the flowers that die in the days that follow, and those horrifying things so large as to be inescapable, like the permeability of the human body. Perennial feels like a reckoning with our collective grief that Columbine ever happened, and that it has happened again and again, so that we are now, all of us, the youngest of us, far too acquainted with what Forsythe calls "the underside of infinity."