12 Great New Books To Read This September


Reading! It’s good

If you're looking for great books to read this month, look no further than the following dozen picks. Many of them can also be found on our big fall book preview, but a few additional choices are also listed below. Keep busy this month with one—or more!—of the following books.

Vanishing Twins: A Marriage by Leah Dieterich (available September 4)
Is there any more agonizing search than the one undertaken to find yourself? Not least because you can't help but be aware that this particular search might well have no end. And you might not even be aware of when it began. Leah Dieterich's memoir, Vanishing Twins, is filled with that specific sharp agony; it echoes with longing, vibrates with the effort Dieterich undergoes as she pushes the boundaries of who she is, both as an individual and within the context of her marriage. Within both realms—the individual and the partnered—Dieterich explores what it means to have options and to choose one thing over another; she and her husband open their marriage, and she explores what it means to expand and maintain connections to another person and to herself. All of this exploration is done in the kind of beautifully written fragments that lodge inside you after reading, so that you carry these thoughts around inside of you, exploring the themes until they become, if not your own, then something shared, and elevated, because of it.