9 New Brands To Add To Your Closet This Summer

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    by · July 05, 2017

    We are creatures of sartorial habit when it comes to our fashion choices. Aside from an occasional burst of style inspiration following one fashion week or another, our uniform of head-to-toe black takes us through winter, while breezy dresses and separates in a neutral palette prevent us from entirely melting in the summer. Our loyalty often extends to our roster of go-to brands, as well. The past year or so, however, a slew of new brands entered our fashion vernacular, taking place front and center on our wardrobe racks.

    Ahead we showcase nine new fashion brands, from lingerie to accessory, which we have come to love, and talk to their designers about how the line started, what their favorite pieces are, and what they’re up to next. Just prepare to make room for all of them in your closet and wonder how you’ve lived without them till now.

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