The Coolest Street Style Pattern Plays From NYFW, Day Four

Photographed by Jack Maffucci.

pattern play all day

Valentine's Day is, for some people, an event. For others, it's an excuse to drink a bottle of wine alone, eat junk food, and watch some sappy flick. Then, for folks running and working NYFW, it's just another day in the life—only filled with more patterns, because you have to show some sort of celebration, right? Perhaps. Day four of NYFW saw more pattern play than any day prior. The temperatures didn't change a bit, but the street style got louder, brighter, and more playful. If you dress the part, you're almost halfway towards feeling loved, right? Mind over matter? Oh well. Check out the prettiest patterns and styles from day four. We're almost near the end, folks! Time to pull out all the stops.

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Photographed by Jack Maffucci.

Wintour in Winter: a study of pattern prowess.