Nick Jonas Has “Champagne Problems” In His New Single

    “Keep on drinking”

    by · April 08, 2016

    Photo courtesy of Island Records

    Nick Jonas isn't a kid anymore, guys. To prove it (along with those underwear shots and probably hooking up with Kate Hudson), he's now singing about getting fucked up, a rite of passage for any pop star looking to prove their big boy credentials. "Champagne Problems," the second single off Jonas' upcoming album, Last Year Was Complicated, has the singer lamenting the end of a relationship and dealing with the fallout by drinking the pain away. The twist is that she's right there with him. “So many reasons not to celebrate,” he sings, “but I hate to see you cry, so let’s drink before goodbye.”

    Over '80s synth stabs and a hammering beat, Jonas advises his partner to "keep on drinking," which either sounds creepy or fun, depending on how your mind works. People will, of course, speculate whether Jonas is singing about the demise of his relationship with Miss USA Olivia Culpo, and people will, of course, be right. Or wrong. It's hard to say. Listen to the song below and make the call. 

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