14 Ways To Wear Citrine This November


Manifest some good vibes with this month’s birthstone

Scorpio season is officially upon us. But, more importantly, after the arrival of Scorpio comes a new month, along with a new birthstone (in fact, two) in tow.

While we were entranced over October’s opulent opals, with November arrives citrine, which—lucky for those celebrating birthdays this month—might be the most magical stone yet. November’s other birthstone, the topaz, is arguably just as beautiful, but we’re totally here for the citrine’s manifesting and success-wielding properties.

Thought to carry the power of the sun, citrine is believed to awaken creativity and imagination, heighten the power to turn dreams into reality, and enhance its wearer's energy. It’s also thought to open the “higher mind,” releasing anger, fear, and other destructive feelings while accepting the joys of life. Even if you’re not an avid believer in the power of crystals, its pale yellow-to-honey brown luster makes for a beautiful and unique piece of jewelry.

So, if you’re not sure what to give your favorite Scorpio ladies (or an early/on-the-cusp Sagittarius), opt for a stunning piece of citrine. Below, we round up 14 sparklers sure to be a birthday hit.

Photo courtesy of Free People

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