NYFW Street Style Day 2: Personality Sprees

Effortless is more

Photo by Franey Miller

New York Fashion Week can be a gateway to personal style enlightenment. You can't help but feel inspired to take stock in your self-expression when you're surrounded by all the strong characters at the shows, the after parties, and on the street rushing to the next show. Like good design, good style doesn't immediately jump out at you. It just sort of is: confident in itself and not looking to impress anyone in particular.

Good style is effortless. The wearer wears the clothes and not the other way around. You do certainly see a lot of the latter during New York Fashion Week, but not as often as you'd imagine. Because really, anything goes these days which makes street style stalking a thrilling experience during NYFW. Here are some of our favorites from day two. Take notes where you can.

Photo by Franey Miller

Very Olsen Twin chic if the Olsen Twins wore patterns.