The Best Of NYFW: Men’s Street Style

Photo by Matthew Sperzel

The heat can’t stop us

The weather is never in anyone’s favor during New York's fashion weeks. During the shows in September and February, it’s either absurdly hot or freezing (and, sometimes, blizzarding), making any sartorial decision pretty difficult. And with NYFW: Men’s shows taking place smack-dab in the middle of July? Well, it’s hotter than hell outside, which makes even thinking about getting dressed at all an excruciating task.

Still, even with temperatures in the 80s-plus all week long, the men’s shows attendees still put their best (err, best-dressed) foot forward. Despite sweltering heat Monday through Wednesday, we saw plenty of excellent suiting, outerwear, and layering. Hell, we even saw long-sleeved corduroy and combat boots. Okay, maybe there were a couple in extreme crop tops, and some in no tops at all, but the effort was still there.

Below, check out our favorite looks of the week.

Photo by Matthew Sperzel

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