NYFW Street Style Day 5: Can You Take A Message?

Photo by Charles Caesar

Ring! Ring!

If there's anything to be learned from watching the fashion week-goers rushing to their respective venues, it's a phone really makes the street style photograph. It doesn't really matter if you're even on the phone with someone; just holding your phone up to your ear sends the message that you can't be bothered, but, hey, take the photo anyway. A larger-than-life phone case only amps up the drama. And that's what any good street style photograph has: drama. After all, drama is always in fashion.

We could go on more, but a very important business call from the Fashion Police just came in and we've got to take it. We hear day six is beginning, and there are too many looks to take in. Onward we go!

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Photo by Charles Caesar

No white after Labor Day? Psh. Please.