Sunday Funday Was Made For NYFW Street Style

    See ya, scaries

    by · September 11, 2017

    Photographed by Matthew Sperzel

    There’s something comforting about waking up on a Sunday with the sun shining and the prospect of a hearty, conversation-filled brunch in a few hours. It makes the ritual of getting ready and putting your best face forward a little more exciting than usual. (Probably because you get to do this at your leisure and not under the stress of commuting.) Sundays in New York are filled with brunchers, shoppers, walkers, and more. Fashion week only ups the ante; suddenly everyone looks incredible, refreshed, and ready for the week ahead. This past weekend was no exception: The sun was out, the style was aplenty, and that creative vibrancy New York is known for was infectious. We’re only a few days away from NYFW’s final bow. Let’s keep this energy going strong.

    Missed yesterday’s street style? Say no more. We got you.

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