NYFW Street Style Day 7 Was Presented In Technicolor

Oz lives

Imagine a city so colorful, you'd stick out like a sore thumb if you opted for Jane Lane's wardrobe from Daria. That's basically what New York City turned into yesterday for the final run of NYFW. There was no color left unworn. Sure, the Manhattan outfit of choice made a few cameos in architectural statement pieces and comfy, cool athleisure, but color reigned supreme. And rightly so! Perfect pre-fall weather is a cause for celebration, and when you're out, exploring and taking in all the art, design, and style this magical week has to offer, why not marry the two? One more day, y'all, and then it's off to Europe. But first, a healthy shock of color.

Catch day six's batch of street style here.

Photo by Matthew Sperzel

Clear eyes, periwinkle coat, can't lose.