The NYLON Guide To Seattle

Where to eat, drink, and shop

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Seattle is one of the most beautiful cities on the planet, thanks to its privileged position of being surrounded by lakes, sounds, bays, rivers, and every other body of water imaginable. And on a clear day, when the sun is out, the views of Mount Rainier are staggering. But that’s the thing: On a recent visit to Seattle, the sun barely shone, and mighty Rainier was nowhere to be found, hidden behind clouds. In fact, it rained a lot, as it tends to do in Seattle, especially in the fall. But believe it or not, the weather is part of this booming city’s many charms (that’s another thing you’ll notice about Seattle's expansion and increasing popularity—the construction). Thankfully, there are many indoor activities that Seattle has on offer, namely lively restaurant and bar scenes, as well as some awfully rad stores. The following is just a sliver of where to go should you find yourself in the Emerald City.

Photo via Palladian Hotel

Where to Stay: Kimpton Palladian Hotel
Balancing old-world elegance with modern pizzazz, this conveniently located hotel is just steps away from Seattle’s Pike Place Market and many of the city’s other must-visit landmarks. Housed in a historic building that was formerly the Calhoun hotel, the Palladian feels luxurious without feeling stuffy. Whimsical paintings of Seattle icons (like Kelsey Grammer and Dave Matthews) dressed in military garb point towards a playfulness that carries over into the rooms (your pillow might just have Ricky Gervais’ smirking face on it). The dimly-lit Pennyroyal bar is classic and cozy, perfect for grabbing a drink before taking in a show at the neighboring Moore Theater (also a historic landmark), and the downstairs restaurant Shaker + Spear (low-key one of Seattle’s better seafood restaurants).