Viral Apparel For The Digital Age

Photo courtesy of Brashy Couture.

all just a click away

Baby boomers may be harping on the narcissism of younger generations, but we all know that selfies are a key element of self-love. Overstressed and overworked, we look to the Internet as a way to connect to the world and get absorbed in cat videos. We wouldn't be caught dead without our smartphones, because what else can you use to simultaneously text your homies, keep up with presidential race, and share the latest meme? Broadcast your status as a member of the millennial generation and deck yourself out in all things Internet (and update your Facebook status while you're at it). From an emoji kaftan to a Van Gogh selfie shirt, we snagged all the best pieces to encase your body (and your cell, obvi). After all, nothing is more #aesthetic than embracing the digital age.

Flip through the gallery above and find which pieces bring your online persona to life, available now at NYLONshop. And don't forget: home is where the Wi-Fi automatically connects.

Photo courtesy of YRU.

YRU, Nile Sandals (Wifi), $74.00, available at NYLONShop.