How To Become A Neon Icon

Photo courtesy of Samantha Pleet.

major miley cyrus inspo

Avoid getting lost in the next blizzard and borrow your fashion inspiration from Miley Cyrus. We love wearing pieces that are (quite literally) flashy and make a bright statement, without destroying our retinas, of course. Whether it’s holographic or covered in glitter, embellished with pearls or splattered with neon accents, these are sure-fire ways to get you and your outfit noticed. We grabbed it all, from chic rainbow visors to fractal glasses, all designed to get you looking (and feeling) astral. The trick here is to accent your look with just a pop, just enough to catch the corner of someone's eye. Don't go overboard! Incorporate pieces that channel your inner intergalactic princess without tipping off agents Mulder and Scully about your alien heritage. 

Check out the gallery above to find your newest (and wildest) addition to your wardrobe, now available at NYLONshop.



Photo by Sarah K Jelleren.

Missy Skins, Light Pink Crop Shag Fur Jacket, $200.00, available at NYLONShop.