Get To Know The Designers Behind Simon Miller

    Daniel Corrigan and Chelsea Hansford reveal their inspiration for fall and more

    by · July 27, 2017

    Photograph courtesy of Simon Miller USA

    The following feature appears in the August 2017 issue of NYLON.

    Daniel Corrigan and Chelsea Hansford take the meaning of global design to the next level.

    For their brand, Simon Miller, they produce denim pieces in Los Angeles and Japan, make accessories in Italy, and they draw inspiration from vintage shopping in Paris. Not to mention, the pair live on opposite coasts—Corrigan in L.A. and Hansford in New York.

    Here, get to know all about the designers, from their muses to their favorite films.

    Astrological sign
    CH: Libra
    DC: Cancer

    Design philosophy
    CH: Luxury basics and statement pieces, nothing in between
    DC: We work with fabric mills and manufacturers that value quality. It’s all about building a community.

    CH: Uma Thurman
    DC: Agyness Deyn

    Materials of choice
    CH: Denim, linen, and leather
    DC: Denim. Always denim.

    Fun fact
    Both: We met at a Lil Wayne concert in Las Vegas.

    Dream travel destination
    CH: Zanzibar
    DC: Patagonia, Chile

    Inspiration for FW17 collection
    Both: A misty winter’s day over a lake in upstate New York

    Favorite spot in your hood
    CH: Great Jones Spa (New York)
    DC: Café Stella (Los Angeles)

    Favorite film of all time
    CH: Kill Bill
    DC: The Boondock Saints

    Drink order
    CH: Mezcal margarita
    DC: Typically a beer

    Standby snack
    CH: Apples and peanut butter
    DC: Junk food, unfortunately!

    See some of our favorite looks from their fall collection:

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