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Photographed by Daria Ritch

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If your road trips usually consist of eating massive quantities of Cheetos, napping in the passenger seat, and listening to the same six songs over and over again, we're right there with you. But Crap Eyewear just celebrated their Summer ’15 collection by documenting a road trip from LA to a summer kick-off party in San Francisco with the garage-pop band The Paranoids, and we have to say, we’ve never seen a road trip look this glam.

Cult-favorite sunnies brand Crap Eyewear is known for its expansive collections, and their latest doesn't disappoint. Whether you’re looking for a style that’s subtle or bold, you're sure to find the pair of your dreams. Plus, because the glasses come in every imaginable shape, you'll definitely find a pair that will look amazing on you.

Flip through the gallery to check out The Paranoids' road trip in its full glory, and then shop the crap out of Crap Eyewear here at NYLONshop.


Photographed by Daria Ritch

Crap Eyewear, The T.V. Eye Gloss Silver Glitter w/ Silver Mirror Gradient Lenses, $58.00, view hereCrap Eyewear, The Saloma Tropic Gloss Red Lips with White Stems, $60.00, view here; Crap Eyewear, The Hanoi Weekend - Matte Light Pink & Semitranslucent Sky Blue, $58.00, view here.