Pop Art-Inspired Fashion For The Gallery Girl In All Of Us

Photographed by Ricky Michiels

Get inspired by NYLONshop’s pop art spread

While having all black everything as a daily uniform can be a great sartorial fail-safe, there comes a time to branch out (we're looking at you, NYC). Look no further for a wardrobe redux than our latest NYLONshop editorial, as seen in the March 2017 issue. Inspired by women's clothing pattern packets and magazine ads of the '50s and '60s, we gave our model a '90s pop infusion that feels more Delia's than Mademoiselle. Life, quite literally, imitates art.

Despite all the structural minimalist and monochrome pieces du jour, sometimes more is still more. Pro tip: Try mixing bold statement sunnies with knit geometric pieces for a look that is fresh and unforced. Bonus points for a printed creeper, of course. Find an empty corner in your nearest gallery, strike a pose, and wait for people to take pensive Instagram photos next to you while they ask for the hashtag for your exhibit.

Flip through below for details on how to recreate these ensembles, or better yet, go right to the goods here.

Photographer: Ricky Michiels
Hair: Sean Bennett
Makeup: Yuui using Milk Makeup
Model: Sam Swan at State Management
Digital: Misha Dragan

Photographed by Sarah K Jelleren

Eyglo, Wool Mock Neck Dress, $335, available at NYLONshop.