7 graphic tees that sum up 2015

Photo by Eric T. White

read my shirt

It’s a Tuesday night and your friend just dragged you to a reunion with her peppy high-school squad. And if staring at the clock while making awkward small talk with bubbly strangers isn’t really your cup of tea, why waste your breath? Let your clothes talk for you with graphic tees and tanks that show off your couldn’t-care-less mood.

Add some serious sass to your outfit by substituting a plain, white tee for something with just a little more pizzazz. And whether you want a look that’s sassy, ironic, sweet, or just completely ridiculous, make sure your tee makes a statement you can wear with pride.

Flip through the gallery to check out some of our favorite statement-making graphic tees, and shop all the looks here at NYLONshop.

Photo by Eric T. White

Olive & Frank, Badass Ringer Tee, $40, view here.