7 online occult stores for your magical needs

Photo via The Hoodwitch

online enchantments

The online world of witchcraft can be as deeply shrouded in mystery as the practice itself. Websites that look like they haven't updated since 2003 seem to offer every type of herb, tarot deck, or crystal any aspiring or practicing witch could possibly need, but little to no sense of direction or explanation. The Internet may make it easier to explore witchcraft and even to find communities of witches online, but it can still be tricky finding all the supplies you may need if you don't live near an occult or metaphysical store.

Luckily, the Web may be a vast, unending maze, but that doesn't mean you can't find a few gems. These seven online stores will help you make some magic happpen, whether you're a beginner practitioner of the Craft, an expert spell-caster, or simply someone who wants to explore this art a bit more. Flip through and find out the supplies we're adding to our at-home apothecary.

Catland Books

Brooklyn-based occult store Catland is a go-to pick in East Williamsburg for its selection of old and new witchcraft-related books, as well as tarot cards. Online you can also get some unique picks like this Dionysian wand, perfect to finish off an altar.

Dionysian wand, $35, available at Catland Books.