9 Ways To Spice Up Your Pasta Dinner

say “hasta la pasta” to boring bowls

We’ve all had those days crammed with meetings, presentations and happy hour Tinder dates. When you finally arrive home, you just want to plop down in front of Netflix and summon dinner with the click of button. But if you’re saving money for a summer festival and ghosting your Seamless account, pasta is the pantry staple that provides dinner after dinner.

It’s easy and effective. Boil water, dump the noodles in, slather in tomato sauce and enjoy. This simple evening formula allows your wallet to focus on early bird sale specials—but are you enjoying as much as you could be? All pasta all the time doesn’t have to be a weeknight repeat offender. 

Add a little excitement to your pasta bowls with new variations on the classic budget saver. You’ll become your own Italian grandmother and still be able to afford Coachella.

Photo by Joanna.

1. Avocado Sauce

Go green with your pasta bowl. Give the red, pink and white sauces a rest by turning the avocados in your fruit bowl into a sauce of its own. The texture adds a creamy element to your spaghetti without the guilt heavy cream and buckets of cheese may inflict.

Recipe here.