Paycheck Picks: The Coziest Things On Sale This Week

    Because why break the bank on sweatpants?

    by · February 09, 2018

    TGIF! Friday is here, along with our paychecks, so you know what that means: It’s time to go shopping. Every week, we round up all of the items we’ve been lusting over that have finally reached markdown status—this way we don’t spend our checks all in one place. Cheers to a guilt-free shopping spree.

    It’s February, it’s cold, and we’ve reached that point in the season when we really just don’t care to get dressed up anymore. So, while we wait for winter to finally come to an end (another five weeks, thanks to Punxsutawney Phil) and things to start thawing, why not fully embrace the lazy girl aesthetic?

    Of course, we wouldn’t dare pay full price for a toasty pair of sweatpants or cardigan—not with spring so close on the horizon. That’s why we rounded up all of the comfy, cozy, and warm things on sale this week. Check out our picks for hunkering down (stylishly, of course), below.

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