the penny lane gift guide

for the girl with the band—or just the free-spirit planning her next trip.

Ready or not, here it comes! Holiday season has arrived, and that means tons of shopping. But let's be real: your average gift guides are boring, so we're going to do things the NYLON way with lists inspired by our fictional dream BFFs. Every week we'll be picking the best gifts for our movie muses, so keep checking back to find that perfect item for your friend...or for yourself. 

Almost Famous isn't supposed to be about Penny Lane--it's supposed to be William Miller's movie (or perhaps rock star Russell Hammond's, too). And yet, ask us about the iconic Cameron Crowe film and it's the free-spirited Band Aid who comes to mind. Perhaps it's because deep down inside we're all a Penny--or at least have fantasies about being one; we're tough but sensitive, creative but grounded, busy dreaming up our next bout of escapism while still perfectly content to be right where we are (as she would say, we are home).

Whether you are a 21st century version of Penny Lane, wearing your finest '70s fur coat and oversize shades as you crisscross the country with your favorite band, or just bring a little bit of her spirit everywhere you go, we've rounded up the 50 best gifts for you this holiday season. Have a friend who is living that life? We suggest getting her a one-way ticket to Morocco, instead.

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