8 Fashion Designers On The Importance Of Giving Back


Giving back is always fashionable

In an industry that's often being (rightfully) called out for its lack of diversity and body positivity, there stand a few designers who display a humanitarian mission as prominent as the fashion-forward designs they put out season after season. These are the designers who not only want to make their customers feel more beautiful but actually contribute to making this world into what will hopefully one day be a more beautiful place. With philanthropy at the forefront of their brands, they offer something that "one needs" in the hopes of helping someone who is actually in need. Be it working with artisans in developing countries to provide employment or donating to charitable causes through a one-for-one model, these stylish do-gooders are turning the industry on its head, proving to all that fashion has the means to do bring about change and some good for the world should one set their mind to it.

We asked eight upstanding designers, who regularly donate their net proceeds and are involved with charitable organizations throughout the year, why it's important for them to give back and tasked them with picking their favorite gifts that will make a difference this holiday season. Ahead, what they had to say and the unofficial charitable gift guide.

Photograph courtesy of n:Philanthropy.

Yvonne Niami, n:Philanthropy

“I love to give back to Pediatric Cancer Research because my best friend Cara, who is a nurse at Children’s Hospital, started inviting me to events at the hospital about 12 years ago. I had my eyes opened to how these children and their families suffer greatly from cancer. I knew I had to help. I made it my mission that any company I ever have will always have a give back component and be philanthropic. This is my way to help others. By opening it up to having an apparel company that gives back, it makes our consumers philanthropic as well. I know that our consumers have their choice of whom they want to buy from, what they want to wear, so it’s an honor and a blessing when they chose to buy n:Philanthropy... not only because the clothes are great, but because our consumer is compassionate and wants to help too. n:Philanthropy gives them that chance to look good and do good. That’s why we like to say it's 'fashion that gives a damn.'”